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5 Reasons American Moms Are Using These Pumps to Up their Milk Supply
Combining innovation and durability with comfort, speed.
Your Wired Pumps Are Causing Your Stress
Do you know why 93% of pumping moms think of quitting? You might be surprised to learn that your traditional pump could be causing more stress than being a mother does. So, each time you force yourself to pump while being stuck to walls, you could be moving closer to quitting. Quitting could lead to preventing your baby from drinking the breast milk they need. Traditional pumps, if used regularly, can also reduce your milk supply because you'll pump less and less, which will tell your body to produce less milk. Pumply pumps use a new cutting-edge technology that’s 2X faster and comfier than even the most premium wired breast pumps.
3x More Milk And Big Savings
Want to pump 3 times your normal output while spending the least amount of time? Well, it's not what you think. The way our pumping mamas are able to generate a consistent 4-7 oz a session might actually be a surprise. But when you discover how they do it, you'll finally understand why most mothers have struggled with pumping and increasing their milk supply. The truth is...it's not the pump itself that will produce more milk (although it might help). It's the convenience of pumping every 2 hours consistently without being tied to cords that will help increase your output. Milk supply is a "Supply and Demand" type of thing, so pumping every 2 hours tells the body that the baby needs more milk so more milk will be supplied. We know this because that's exactly what happens with our thousands of happy moms that use Pumply every day.
Easy Pumping At Work
The thought of taking your breast pump to work and finding a place where you can use it is intimidating, to say the least. Not only are you trying to "have it all" on zero sleep, but, if you're a nursing mom and want to pump during the work day, you face even more hurdles. Even if you have a supportive employer, you may be concerned about aspects of breast pumping at work. Will your co-workers understand your regular breaks? Will you be able to have privacy? Pumply is a palm-sized, quick, quiet pump, meaning you can sit at your desk and comfortably pump without making noise.
Who said you should be impatiently sitting and waiting for that sesh to end? Spending hours a day attached to a machine is frustrating, uncomfortable, and annoying.

Hours that you could be cuddling your baby, sleeping, or getting things done. Finally, you can pump while walking, driving, cleaning, eating dinner, etc.
Truly Handsfree Without The Price Tag
It’s no secret now that Pumply pumps are becoming a staple for Pediatrician and Lactation Consultations after getting a lot of attention all over the internet. Pumply pumps use a cutting-edge motor, with noise never getting above 50 decibels, and only have 5 parts. Many premium wearable breast pump brands are using weak motors and come with a hefty price tag. These premium pumps are also loud, bulky, and come in many parts - yet they charge a premium for them. It’s now easier than ever to stop wasting money on overhyped and overpriced pumps when Pumply pumps are a fraction of the price with more benefits!
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