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I Almost Gave Up On Pumping Until A Doctor Told Me About This New Hands-Free Breast Pump. My Milk Supply Tripled.

Written by Diane Rogers | February 26, 2024

My lactation consultant told me on more than one occasion that there was nothing I could do to boost my milk supply.

She suggested formula as a backup and gently hinted that I might have to come to terms with not producing enough milk.

But I wasn't ready to give up.

I couldn’t believe that in today’s day and age - with all the technological advancements - there’s no way to increase milk supply than just hoping for the best.

So I started searching the internet, looking for an alternative way.

And before long, I discovered a woman who seemed to have the answer.

That’s When I Met Dr. Laura Simmons, a Renowned Expert on Lactation

She’s spent the better part of the last decade developing methods to help people increase milk production naturally.

Her website was packed with testimonials from grateful mothers, sharing how she transformed their breastfeeding journey.

So I decided to pay for an online consultation with her.

And, after a quick small talk, she went on to explain the real root cause of my low milk supply.

The words that came out of her mouth made me freeze in fear:

“The Glands In Your Breast Are In Deep Sleep”

Turns out that the glands in our breasts - just like every other cell in our body - need regular signals to work right.

These signals come from the removal of breast milk, which tells the body to make milk.

But as we get busier or if pumping is too hard and painful, we might not send these signals as often as we should.

That’s because life's demands or the hassle of traditional pumps can make frequent pumping difficult.

The less often we pump, the less the body thinks it needs to produce milk.

This gets EVEN harder with less effective pumps that have weak suction.

…Which further reduces milk supply.

Because of all this, the stimulation needed for milk production decreases, leading to a drop in supply.

This results in less milk for your baby, increased stress for you, and can even lead to early weaning.

Let me say that again:


The glands in your breast are essentially asleep, right at this moment, because they're not being stimulated enough through pumping.

And the worst part is…

Choosing Wired Hospital-Grade Pumps Can Actually Make It Even Worse!

You might have been pointed toward hospital-grade pumps for their strong suction, but I believe that’s actually the worst thing you can do.

Why? Because while these pumps are powerful, they don't necessarily guarantee the comfort and frequency of pumping needed to truly boost milk production.

As Dr. Laura explained…

It's like having a high-powered hose for your garden but only using it now and then. The power is there, but without regular and comfortable use, the garden doesn't thrive as it should.

You might be overlooking the real solution needed for consistent milk flow.

Not to mention, being tethered to a plug can limit your mobility and add to the stress of pumping, affecting both your supply and well-being.

The key message here: Strong suction alone isn't enough. Regular, comfortable, and effective stimulation is vital, and ignoring this can prolong the struggle with low milk supply.

If You Still Get Some Milk… That’s Actually Good News!

Experiencing low output can be disheartening, signaling that your milk production is struggling.

...And then, without action, it could stop altogether.

So, if you're still managing to express some milk, it indicates your supply hasn’t dried up completely.

Why is this important?

Because National Institute of Health says:

"As long as there's some milk production, there's potential to revive and increase your supply."

So as long as you're still seeing any milk at all, there's a chance to rejuvenate your supply and prevent it from diminishing to zero.

Finally, Dr. Laura Told Me That There’s A Way To Boost My Milk Supply

...And that's to stimulate more frequent milk expression.

If you can encourage regular pumping, ensuring the milk ducts are consistently stimulated, you can enhance your milk production.

But how do you do it?

The traditional approach would suggest pumping more frequently with a strong, wired, hospital-grade pump.

However, being tied down is the last thing we want to do when we want to pump more frequently.

So… What’s the solution?

I asked Dr. Laura the same question.

And that’s the first time I heard these words:

The Pumply Pump, with its innovative SmartSuction™ Technology.

This Innovative Technology Can Fix Your Low Milk Supply Issues and Ease Your Breastfeeding Journey

Dr. Laura partnered up with a leading baby tech company Pumply to create a simple breast pump that uses advanced SmartSuction™ Technology to enhance lactation.

It’s called Pumply™ Wearable Breast Pump.

This pump sends a unique mix of stimulation and massage directly to your breast tissue, to help kickstart milk flow...

...Which, in turn, allows your milk-producing glands to receive the stimulation they need to awaken and thrive, increasing your milk supply.

This means your milk production can finally increase, signaling your body to ramp up production...

And allowing you to fully engage in the joys of motherhood, liberated from the challenges of insufficient milk supply.

The Pumply Pump Is Unlike Any Other Pumping Solution I’ve Tried Before

Let me be clear. I’ve never experienced anything like the Pumply Pump - and I’ve tried pretty much every option available.

This device is miles more powerful than any other method or device ever could be because it actually awakens the asleep milk-producing glands in your breast and solves the actual root cause of low milk supply.

Soon, you'll find yourself pumping more milk, enjoying the ease of breastfeeding, and experiencing the peace of mind that comes with a sufficient milk supply, free from the stress of low supply.

Here’s How To Use Pumply Pump For Best Results

All you need to do is put the pump on and use the controller to select the mode and the intensity level of suction.

For optimal results, you’ll want to pump every 3 hours for 15-20 minutes.

That’s how long it takes for the Pumply's SmartSuction™ Technology to effectively stimulate your milk ducts and enhance flow.

The massage may feel weird at first, but you will get used to it after a couple of sessions. And more importantly, you are going to love the results.

You'll notice a significant boost in milk production.

The stress of insufficient milk supply will start to lift.

And you’ll enjoy the freedom of breastfeeding without the anxiety, celebrating the abundance you're capable of providing - a goal that once seemed out of reach.

Here’s What Bianca, a Dedicated Teacher and Mother of Three, Shares About Pumply

"You know what's really frustrating? Having tried so many pumps as a mom of three. You'd think I'd have it all figured out by now, but each time felt like I was starting from square one. And being a teacher, you can't just take a break anytime you need to pump.

I was about to accept defeat, believing I couldn't produce enough milk. That's when I saw the Pumply’s advertisement and told my self 'Okay, one last shot.'

And what a difference it made! I could pump while grading papers without a glitch. Within days, I was producing more milk than ever before – an extra 6+ ounces every few hours. It's been a game-changer, not just for my milk supply but for my confidence as a mother.

Just use my pumps for about 15 minutes every 3 hours. No more feeling chained to a chair near an outlet. Pumply gave me the freedom to pump on my terms, and honestly, it's been liberating. Plus, the value is unbeatable.

I can see a future where I'm not just a spectator in my kids' lives but actively participating, all thanks to Pumply!"

Bianca, 28

Or Look At The Difference It Made To Rachel

Here’s what she says:

"I recently got my hands on Pumply and boy, it's been a revelation! As a mom with a busy life and a strong Spectra s1 to compare with, I understand the importance of a reliable pump.

And Pumply? It’s beyond reliable. It's super easy to assemble, quick to clean, and intuitive to use.

I was initially skeptical but was surprised. I only use it on level 2 suction because it's that effective. It's gentle yet so powerful that I'm getting more milk than ever, and it’s made such a huge difference. I just wish the battery life was a tad longer—it’s great but after about 7 sessions, it needs recharging. Despite this, it's an absolute find!

Pumply’s not just changed the way I pump; it's changed how I go about my day—empowered, unchained, and free."

Rachel, 30

Pumply Breast Pump Already Helped Thousands Boost Their Milk Supply

If you check out Pumply’s website, you will find thousands of reviews from people just like you.

Mothers who have found incredible increases in their milk output, ease of use, and overall quality of life:

Because I’m still in contact with Dr. Laura, I know she is receiving dozens of these emails daily.


Every single day there’s a new amazing story from another person in the US that got her life transformed thanks to this effective but affordable Pumply pump.


Will your story be next?

Imagine waking up in the morning to a freezer stash full of milk already stored away.

❌ No more rushed feedings

❌ No engorgement

❌ No soreness

❌ No limitations

✅ Just pure ease.


You’re sleeping soundly now, not a single stress about pumping through the night…

Knowing that when you wake up, you’re feeling assured, ready to embrace the day ahead with your baby.

Imagine finally regaining control over your life and your routine again!

Doing all the things you love with your loved ones!

That feeling is priceless.

There’s a world of difference between living life with constant worries about milk supply, and the freedom of knowing you have more than enough for your little one.

And I’m excited for you to experience it for yourself.

IMPORTANT: You Won’t Find Pumply Products In Department Stores, On Amazon Or eBay

That’s because Dr. Laura and her team at Pumply don’t want any middlemen to mark up their prices.

So you will never pay $497 for the 2-pump set.

Dr. Laura’s mission with Pumply Wearable Breast Pump is to make cutting-edge pumping solutions accessible to as many people as possible.

That’s why Dr. Laura and her team sell directly to our customers.

Dr. Laura heavily relies on word of mouth.

She believes if the product is good, the word will spread.

That’s why I’ve decided to write this article for her.

To act my part and spread my word.

It’s the least I can do for how much her Pumply Wearable Breast Pump transformed my life.

And that’s why you are not going to pay $497 - which is the recommended price for a set of two pumps of this caliber.

Dr. Laura doesn’t want the price to stand in your way.

So you won’t even pay half.

So even though they charge $249 per 2-pump set on their official website…

You won't have to pay that today either.

Via This Link ONLY, you can get your Pumply Wearable Breast Pump for a simple one-time fee of just $159.99!

Yes, just $159.99.

But wait…

Even that was not enough for Dr. Laura!

Because when I shared my story with her, she was touched by it.

It moved her deeply.

So deeply, in fact, that she went to the rest of the team at Pumply and decided to do something unheard of.

She came up with a one-time special offer for the readers of this article of mine…

With the hope that you’ll help spread the word and share this with anyone who might also benefit from this information.

So right now, you can try Pumply Wearable Breast Pump for only $129.99.

Yes, just $129.99. 


That's 43% Off the regular price that is listed on Pumply's official website.

Dr. Laura: “Rest Assured with Your Choice!”

See… Dr. Laura wanted to completely eliminate the risk from all buyers.

She’s so firm and confident in the quality and effectiveness of her device that without a second thought she provided an unbeatable 1-year warranty.

She doesn’t want you to spend a dime until you feel 100% secure in your purchase.

This means if your Pumply pump encounters any issues or defects within a year – which we doubt it will – Pumply promises you a hassle-free immediate replacement.

This commitment is Dr. Laura's way of assuring you of the pump’s reliability and durability.

She’s making this guarantee because she’s confident you’re going to love the results you’re going to experience with your new Pumply Wearable Breast Pump.

Now you have a full year to discover just how transformative the Pumply pump can be in making your breastfeeding journey smoother and more enjoyable.

So click the big “APPLY DISCOUNT & CHECK AVAILABILITY” button below.

Apply Discount & Check Availability

4.7 | 1,832 Reviews

  • Strong, adjustable suction for comfort

  • Frequent pumping made easy, anywhere

  • Quiet and quick clean for stress-free sessions

  • Boost milk supply with Pumply's efficient pumping


✔️ 1 Year Warranty


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